• Me: hand job? Probably.
  • Ava: omg like you said though hj are so boring. Like, 'hey, lemme sit here and literally do nothing'
  • Me: hahahahahhaaha exactly!!! But I'll do it...I guess....ugh xD
  • Ava: Shit girl you could paint your toe nails or something while you do that shit
  • Me: HAHHAHAHAAHHAAHA. dying. brb
  • Ava: Take your time I'll wait.
  • Me: ohmygod you're killing me right now.
  • Ava: Never my intentions to kill you but I mean it is what it is say hey to Jesus and shit for me halleuljah
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    3 part countdown
    5 days until - Four month anniversary
    10 days until- BEACHHHHH with my best friends :)
    17 days until- He comes home <3
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    3 part countdown

    7 days until - Four month anniversary

    12 days until- BEACHHHHH with my best friends :)

    19 days until- He comes home <3

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    I had a nightmare last night.

    In the dream I was laying in bed, about to go to sleep with one of my best friends Ava.
    I started to fall asleep(in the dream) but I felt as though something was wrong. I “opened” my eyes and there was a man in the darkness staring at Ava (who had fallen asleep).  I started to sit up as he got closer and closer to her. I knew his intentions.  He went to grab her and she started screaming.  She scrambled to pull herself towards me and I grabbed a hold of her back (she was laying on her side) and pulled her into me to try to move her behind me.  I remember screaming no and thinking that I wont allow him to hurt her, not again.  I remember thinking that if I just got her behind me and I could protect her that he would take me instead.
    I succeeded.  He grabbed me of the bed and started to pull me towards him. I was screaming and crying.  I hated him.  I don’t know who this “him” was but I hated him with every fiber in my being.
    I clawed at his eyes, and dug my nails into his face.  For whatever insane reason, there was a knife on the night stand.  I managed to grab it and I stabbed him.
    I stabbed him over and over and over until I couldn’t breathe.
    I stopped and just stared then POOF he disappeared except for his clothes.

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    This goes out to my best friends Ryan and Ava


    Turn off your gay box…right now.

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    I had an amazing day.  I wish everyday could be this way.  I wish I could take off with the three of them and just never come back.  I don’t want to be here, there is nothing for me here.   Just travel and never turn around.  I want that more than anything…then maybe we could all just go to New York and live there :P

    I can dream, right?  I would be content.  I would be happy.

    I want to be happy…today made me happy (:

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    Jo Koy is one of my favorite comedians.

    Ava knows who I’m talking about…


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    I had this dream last night/this morning

    and Ava, Ryan, Doug and Cristina had all been stabbed by this man.  I don’t know the reason why but…they got stabbed, multiple times.
    Anyway, for some reason I couldn’t get to them…like I physically couldn’t get passed this invisible wall that was keeping me from them.  So I kept running next to this barrier around them, crying and screaming for someone to help me because my friends were dying.

    It was fucked up and it made me sad :(

    But I checked with everyone and they’re still alive…so…its okay.

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